Kay Thompson, as fashion magazine editor Maggie Prescott, was the star of the solo number. Watch for popular models blonde Sunny Harnett and brunette Dovima as other specialty dancers:

The character of fashion photographer Dick Avery, played by Fred Astaire, was loosely based on the career of Richard Avedon. The visual consultant on the film, Richard Avedon also created the famous photo of Audrey Hepburn’s intentionally overexposed face. The photo was seen in the film and became the cover of the original soundtrack album. The image quickly became iconic. When Funny Face was re-released in 1964, it was the focal point of the new publicity poster.

Iconic image of Audrey Hepburn as “Funny Face”

During the filming of Funny Face in the spring of 1956, David Seymour photographed Richard Avedon and his boyhood idol Fred Astaire. This rare photo can be found in the August 1956 Bazaar magazine:

Suzy Parker was the inspiration for the reluctant model played by Audrey Hepburn in the 1957 film Funny Face (Paramount Pictures). She also appeared as a specialty dancer in the Think Pink! musical number.



Susan Camp & Linda Morand



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